“Are you sexy, beautiful, and fast?” In 1977, 17-year old Singaporean Doris Young answered this ad and beat hundreds of hopefuls to catch the eye of Filipino B films director Bobby Suarez. She was transformed into Marrie Lee to play the role of Asia’s first action heroine, Cleopatra Wong. Marrie catapulted to international fame as Cleopatra, a fierce and fabulous cult B movie icon that graced cinemas all over the world in the late 70s. But as suddenly as she had appeared, she vanished from the public eye after the third film was through.
Told through archives and interviews with people who searched for Cleopatra Wong through the years, the film explores how the star faded from the silver screen and the struggles that shaped her transformations. 

Role: Episode Producer/Director  (1x48)
Production: Peddling Pictures
Client: Channel NewsAsia

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